Apartado de pasteleria

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Apartado de pasteleria

Mensajepor kikolino » 04 Feb 2008, 02:22

Deveriais poner un apartado solo de pasteleria... ayudaria muxo 8) :twisted:

Good morning!

Mensajepor chris4530 » 02 Jun 2009, 21:35

Good morning!
There is a dining-room for the prisoners and the other for the officers. The house bleach costumes where the prisoners dine is a large hall capable of seating fully twelve hundred men.
Each table is long enough to accommodate bleach cosplay to twenty men, and resembles an ordinary school-desk. There are no table-cloths or napkins bleach cosplay costume nothing but a plain, dry board.
The table furniture consists of a tin quart cup, a small piece of bleach costume pan of the same precious metal, which hang up the hash, an iron knife, fork and spoon.

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